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Latest Skins

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Logic Prox

this skin simlated with logicx colors..enjoy!


Dark screen with lime lighted script

Maschine with Nano Studio Lights

Maschine Black, orange and dark aqua with Nano Studio style lighted letters

Easy on eyes

It is exactly what the title says it is. Why would it be anything else?

Popping Colours

Smooth colours. Colours, Canadian.

Live 9 look with Semi Pro Tools

Live 9 look with Semi Pro Tools

dark monochrome

For use in an oldskool looking art-installation

Clavdivs AGF

Apple Logic


Light and blue themed with a few orange bits to spice things up. I think Ableton have changed the way skins work as I'm unable to find the section to change the yellow for the IO, Send / Return and Delay buttons in the bottom right and a few other places. Any help in regards to fixing this would be greatly appreciated.



Rainbow Dash Version 1.0

Toys R Toys

Colorful skin to make Ableton Live look like a robot toy!

aLb 1

beautiful easy to use skins everything important is in red the rest are gray or black

Skin pack

this is a neat skin pack i did you get 2


A nice & sweat & of cource relaxing colorplay. If you like Dubstep or Reggae well, this one is for you...bless

Wellcome to the 70th

Orange and green but very peacefull together

Dark Orange

Dark but Usefull

Real PHun

Long hours on Ableton? You need Real Phun


a chillin skin for yall fellow drank lovers. keeps your vibe right

Fruity Loops Studio

A skin I made to mimic the interface of the dark yet colorful FL Studio.


Similar to the Live 9 default skin

LMA Grey 1

Dark skin works with Live 8 and Live 9


darker and greyer as the original default skin. Easy for the eyes. Enjoy it and have a good life all.

call of duty 4 skin v2

call of duty 4 skin

autumn elegant version 3

autumn elegant skin

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