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Free AU Vocoder for Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

If you are a Mac OS X user and need a free Universal Binary vocoder, VoCodex is your solution. This AU vocoder has good control over its output and will do a great job turning your voice into a robot :) Click here to visit the VoCodex home page to download it.

Free Side Chain Compression for Mac

Finally, free sidechain compression for Mac OSX producers is now available! Get that house music pumping sound using Teragon Audio’s DualComp VST Compressor.

UPDATE: The SSS Side Chain Compressor is now available for Mac OS X. You should definitely check it out, because there have been complaints about the DualComp’s sound quality. Click here to download the SSS Side Chain Compressor.

Read a DualComp Compressor Tutorial.

Learn how to Install the DualComp Compressor on a Mac

You can download the DualComp Compressor using the links below.

Download DualComp Compressor for Mac OSX

Download DualComp Compressor for Windows

Free VST/AU Oscilloscope

oscilloscopeVST, Plugin, Free, Mixing, Oscilloscope.A good oscilloscope is useful in many contexts: synthesizer programming, understanding phase cancellation, compression, etc. Lucky for you, there is a fantastic free digital storage oscilloscope from Bram at SmartElectronix. This plug-in can be dropped anywhere in your DAW’s signal path for quick and easy analysis. You can use this tool to fix all kinds of dynamics-related issues.

Download the S(m)exoscope VST / AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS X.

MDA Offers Free VST Vocoder

If you just want to dabble with vocoding and the Orange Vocoder is out of your price range, then you should definitely give MDA Vocoder a try! It is a very nice free vocoder with good control over the output. However, it lacks a user interface so it isn’t very pretty :) You can download it from MDA-VST in their plugin pack (Mac & Windows plugins available). Click here to visit MDA-VST’s website.

More Orange Vocoder Tips

Orange Vocoder Suggestions. After reading the tutorial on using Orange Vocoder with Ableton Live, SonicTransfer readers had some questions about how to improve the sound even more. Here are some tips for getting a better vocoder sound.

Gustavo LP wrote:

Really, i am a lot thankful to you for the tutorial you wrote about
vocoder! Now it works very fine for me!
I do admire ppl that believes knowledge should be passed ahead to others.

There is only one remaining issue for me: the raw vocal. Like, if i am
singing a C, but playing a Bm, than i’ll have some very tense chord,
right? =]
Is there a way to avoid listening to the raw vocal?

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Nepheton: 808 Drum Machine VST

Nothing beats the 808 drum machine for a solid, club-worthy low end kick. Its sound is immediately recognizable in all styles of dance music. It is an essential component of every electronic music producers gear collection. For years, musicians have paid large sums of money for the real thing. But, thanks to the D16 Group you can get Nepheton, a VST instrument that faithfully recreates the 808 sound. Best of all, instead of samples, this VST synthesizes the sounds. This allows you the same sound design flexibility enjoyed by owners of the actual hardware.

Nepheton is a commercial VST recreation of the Roland 808 drum machine. It is available for Windows and Mac OSX. Click here to learn more about the Nepheton.

Orange Vocoder – Commercial VST Plugin

Orange Vocoder VST ScreenshotOrange Vocoder is an excellent commercial vocoder made by Prosoniq. It has been around for about eight years and is still one of the most popular vocoders in existence. As of January 2007, the price is 170.00 USD. Click here to visit Prosoniq’s web site.

Click here to read a tutorial on using Orange Vocoder with Ableton Live.

SonicTransfer DrumStack Manual

DrumStack Drum Layering Manual & Tutorial. House music, drum n bass, trance, and hiphop need big, loud, powerful drums. The best way to get massive kick drums, snare drums, and hihats is to layer lots of samples together. This technique is used by every major electronic music producer. Unfortunately for Ableton Live users, this useful trick is pretty hard to achieve using the built-in tools. That’s why SonicTransfer developed the first drum layering system designed specifically for Ableton Live users. It’s called DrumStack, and it will rock your drums. To use DrumStack you need:

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SSS Side Chain Compressor – Free VST for Windows & OS X

SSS Side Chain Compressor ScreenshotThere are very few free compressors that support sidechaining. The SSS Side Chain Compressor makes it extremely easy to get the ducking sound made famous by french house producers like Daft Punk. Click the link below to download the SSS Side Chain Compressor.

SSS Side Chain Compressor – Free Windows VST

NEW OS X Version! SSS Side Chain Compressor – Free Mac OS X VST & AU (The download link is in middle of the page).

SSS Side Chain Gate/Expander – Free VST for Windows

SSS Side Chain Gate/Expander ScreenshotThis is an excellent free VST gate that supports sidechaining. The SSS Gate provides easy ducking and keying effects. Ducking and keying are some of the hottest effects in electronic music production today. Stay tuned for a ducking and keying tutorial from In the meantime, click the link below to download the SSS Side Chain Gate/Expander.

SSS Side Chain Gate/Expander – Free Windows VST

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