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6 Bass Sequencing Tricks From Daft Punk

Daft Punk Bass Tutorial on MIDI Sequencing. One of the best ways to learn about producing music is to see the actual notes used to make other people’s songs. This process allows you to discover the thousands of tiny adjustments needed to produce a strong bassline, intricate drum track, or a moving piano solo. This tutorial will show you the notation for one of the funkiest basslines in modern house music: Daft Punk’s Around The World. For this lesson you will need:

  • A music composition program capable of MIDI sequencing. (e.g. Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Cubase, etc.)

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Ableton Live Mixing: Better Volume Automation Using The Utility Plugin

Ableton Live Tips on Volume Automation, the Utility Plugin, and Mixing. When creating your final mix of a song, it is very important that all of your tracks have the best possible volume levels. This means that you should always adjust the volume level of your tracks at each major change of your song. Additionally, in many songs you may want to fade a track in or out over time. Most producers will automate the track volume envelope to achieve these effects. However, there is much better way! This tutorial will make you a faster producer and will improve your mixing ability. To follow this lesson you will need:

  • Ableton Live

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Ableton Live Tutorials, Ableton Tutorials

Ableton Live Tutorials, Ableton Tips, and How To Use Ableton Live. Ableton Live tutorials on compression, distortion, vocoder, basslines, vibrato, synth programming, Ableton mixing, synth leads, using Ableton Live for trance music and house music.

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Adding Skins to Ableton Live

How to use Ableton Live Skins. Ableton Live Skins are files that allow you to change the colors used in Ableton Live. This page describes how to install them.
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Better Compression Using an Oscilloscope

Compression, Mixing, Side Chain Compression, House, Tutorial, Oscilloscope. In the old days, mixing engineers would study the volume meters as they danced along the console. By playing back well-mixed songs, these early pioneers learned how to read proper song dynamics. This skill is invaluable when trying to understand and utilize compression. This article discusses a modern approach to developing the same talent cultivated in the old masters: the ability to create pleasing dynamic compression. For this tutorial you will need:

  1. A VST Host (Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Digidesign Protools, etc.)
  2. S(m)execope VST/AU Oscilloscope. Download S(m)execope for Windows / Mac OS X.

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Better Mixing Using Live’s Utility Plugin

Using the Ableton Live Utility Plugin on Return Tracks. Ableton Live users can use the Utility plugin for even better control of effects. Return tracks allow you to blend uneffected audio with effected audio. A side effect of using return tracks is that they boost the overall volume of the track. However, Ableton Live users can use the Utility Plugin to fix that. To follow this tutorial you will need:

  • Ableton Live

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Building A Massive Kick Drum Using SonicTransfer DrumStack

House, Trance, Hiphop, Drum n Bass, Kick Drum Tutorial. Electronic music productions require strong kick drums. Percussive elements provide the foundation for these music genres and you must master them if you want to produce quality songs. The best way to take control of your drums is to build them yourself. This tutorial will give you the tools and information necessary to reach this goal. For this lesson you will need:

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Free Ableton Live Workflow Tools and Shortcuts

Ableton Live, Free, Keyboard Shortcuts, Workflow, Tools, Automation. Microsoft Windows users can now expand their Ableton Live workflow tool set. Independent developers have released tools to add extremely useful shortcuts to Live. You should grab these tools if you’re running Windows and you want to develop and perform music as fast as possible using Ableton Live.

Also, if you want to pimp your keyboard for Live, check out these keyboard stickers.

Groove Quantizing in Ableton Live

Groove Quantize Tips for Ableton Live. Ableton Live has lots of ways to make your clips groove. The tips below explain how to do the following:

  • Add swing to clips or an entire song
  • Set the default swing for clips
  • How to compose without snapping notes or clips to the grid.

All you need to follow this SonicTransfer.com tutorial is Ableton Live. Read on to learn about using swing in Ableton Live.
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How To Create A Drum Kit From A Synthesizer

Creating a Synth Drum Kit Using A Free VST Synth & Ableton Live. Programming synth drums allows you the freedom to precisely design your drum frequencies and dynamics. However, it is easier to sequence drums using a drum machine rather than a bunch of synthesizers. This tutorial explains how to record the audio output of a synthesizer into a drum machine using Ableton Live. For this tutorial you will need:

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