Kick Drum & Bass Mixing Techniques

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Mixing. Bass. Kick Drum. Return Tracks. House. Distortion. Modern electronic music production virtually requires a strong low end. Most often, this frequency space is determined by your song’s kick drum and bass. If you want to write strong, club-worthy songs, then you must master the nuances of low-end mixing. Read on to learn exactly how to do that.

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  1. The Numbers Game
    1. Which frequencies are targeted for Trance Music, House, and Breaks
    2. Which frequencies are targeted for Hiphop and Drum n Bass
  2. Two Schools of Thought
    1. How to construct bass and kick sounds that target these frequencies
  3. Frequency Carving
  4. Compression
  5. Multi-band Compression
  6. Distortion
  7. Bass Stereo Smoothing / Filtered Disco Effect
  8. Submixing
  9. Side Chain Compression Ideas

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