Sub Bass

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Sub Bass, Bass, Drum n Bass, Synth, 808. In most forms of electronic dance music, sub bass synthesizer sounds are used to produce huge, club-worthy bass tones. They are responsible for the stomach-shaking rumble in drum n bass, the smooth vibrations in deep house, and the fat boom in hip hop. Read on to learn how to incorporate sub bass into your next masterpiece.

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  1. What Is Sub Bass
  2. – Examples by:

    1. The Prodigy
    2. Cassius
    3. Goldie
  3. Sub Bass Frequencies
    1. What a properly mixed sub bass sound looks like
    2. Spectral analysis
  4. Synthesizing a Sub Bass
    1. Synth1 diagrams provided
    2. Oscillator, amp, and filter settings
  5. Improvement Ideas
  6. – Layering, modulation, and more.

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