Distortion Tutorials

Audio distortion is any deformation of an audio waveform from its original state. It is often used to add character to guitars, synthesizers, drums, and even entire mixes. Distortion is an essential skill to master for every electronic music producer.

Distortion tutorials and articles are listed below.

Q&A: How do I make professional sounding tracks?

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Professional Mixing Tricks, Vocal Recording, Vocal Stacks, Ableton Live, Compression. Want to know some great tips for improving your vocal recordings and mixes? Do you want to learn how to create thicker vocal recordings and better mixes? Then read on.
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Kick Drum & Bass Mixing Techniques

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Mixing. Bass. Kick Drum. Return Tracks. House. Distortion. Modern electronic music production virtually requires a strong low end. Most often, this frequency space is determined by your song’s kick drum and bass. If you want to write strong, club-worthy songs, then you must master the nuances of low-end mixing. Read on to learn exactly how to do that.

“Kick Drum & Bass Mixing Techniques” and “Sub Bass” Are Available On SonicTransfer Premium.
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How to Use Distortion in Electronic Music Production

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VST Distortion Tutorial on Ableton Live, Mixing, Return Tracks, Boogex. Distortion is used by electronic music producers on basslines, synthesizers, drums, and even entire songs. It is a vital tool that can give your music a much rougher, louder sound. While distortion is often used during mixing, this SonicTransfer.com tutorial will focus on using distortion during music production. To follow this tutorial you will need:

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Voxengo Boogex – Free VST Distortion for Windows

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Voxengo Boogex Distortion VST ScreenshotVoxengo Boogex is the best free distortion / guitar amplifer VST plugin for Windows. It offers cabinet modeling, wave shaping, and uses a relatively small amount of system resources. This is one plugin you definitely want in your sonic arsenal.

Voxengo Boogex Distortion Plugin – Free Windows VST