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Music software is defined as any computer program that facilitates the creation of music.

Music software tutorials and articles are listed below.

Free Ableton Live Workflow Tools and Shortcuts

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Ableton Live, Free, Keyboard Shortcuts, Workflow, Tools, Automation. Microsoft Windows users can now expand their Ableton Live workflow tool set. Independent developers have released tools to add extremely useful shortcuts to Live. You should grab these tools if you’re running Windows and you want to develop and perform music as fast as possible using Ableton Live.

Also, if you want to pimp your keyboard for Live, check out these keyboard stickers.

SonicTransfer DrumStack Download

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SonicTransfer DrumStack Download. DrumStack is an Ableton Live enhancement that allows you to construct huge drums sounds. This allows you to thicken up your sounds and build club-worthy drums.

Download SonicTransfer DrumStack

View the DrumStack Manual

Read a tutorial on creating a massive kick drum using DrumStack.

What people are saying about DrumStack:

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you! I love your drumstack device, samples, and tutorial.

I’m a progressive house dj/producer from boston ma usa, (lucky enough to have some of my latest work charted on Balance, release, monthly promos)… and with the genre associated its always a task to get that nice deep thick kick and drum sounds. Your drumstack is by far the best and most user friendly instrument I have used or tested to achieve this.

Great work and again Thank you!
Dj Taner K

DrumStack makes layering very simple and configurable. It is this very plugin that keeps me from using Logic extensively as it has no good drum manament and not nearly as simple.

Keep developing this utility!

jblongz – Producer

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How To Make Music

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How To Make Music Using Computers. You decided that you want to make music. You want to be a producer. That’s great! There is no better time to start learning this rewarding artform. Here’s why:

  1. The tools have only recently become cheap enough for amatuers to achieve professional results.
  2. Technology is making completely new production techniques possible every day.
  3. The music industry is transforming so that more musicians are able to share the spotlight.
  4. It’s incredibly fun!

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Ableton Live Skin Editor Help

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Help with the SonicTransfer Ableton Live Skin Editor. Thanks for trying the SonicTransfer Ableton Live Skin Editor! This page contains the manual for the editor.

Click here to download the Ableton Live Skin Editor

Click here to learn How to Save a Skin Preview Image

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Ableton Live Skin Editor

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The news is in: Ableton’s CEO has given permission to release the editor. Now you can finally completely customize the appearance of Ableton Live. The beta is finally ready for all Windows and Mac OS X users. Click the links below to download the world’s only Ableton Live Skin Editor.

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Adding Skins to Ableton Live

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How to use Ableton Live Skins. Ableton Live Skins are files that allow you to change the colors used in Ableton Live. This page describes how to install them.
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