Every day we receive lots of emails from wonderful SonicTransfer members. Here are some comments from fellow electronic music producers:

Out of the many sites I have been to, your site
by far is one of the best and most helpful. Not only do you guys
explain what techniques artists use in their productions but you also
explain how they work and how to reproduce it, more so you explain the
topics in a way that even people who use hardware synths can take
advantage of. In short thank you for your website, the content you
create, and for the knowledge you share.

-Kevin (Producer)

Great site. All good info, and especially liked your piece on creating
kick drum sounds from pieces.

-Bill (Premium Producer)

I just wanted to thank you for the Sonictransfer.com Live sidechaining tutorial. It got my kick & bass pumping in no time.

-Mika (Producer)

The site is excellent, I look forward to gaining more knowledge in the future.

-Borg (Producer)

Thanks for you past help, its incredible how much improvement I’ve gotten into my tracks after your advice.

-Oliver (Producer)

AWESOME SITE!. just wish i had come across it earlier…like 2 years ago!

-DoomsdaySpastic (Producer)

Today I found your site on the internet, man, I gotta say I LOVE your tutorials. Not that the whole stuff is new to me, but it’s DEFINITELY worth checkin it out again! Especially the way you’re laying it out: clear and simple.

Stan, Russia (Producer)

Thank you so much in your effort bringing your knowledge forward open to public, and doing this great site. Certainly Ableton is an revolutionary tool and is changing a lot the possibilities of music creation nowadays.

-ACIDex (Producer)

This site rocks! Its well laid out and has a lot for me to learn…Ive been on here reading all day!

-komplexoptik (Producer)

Great site!! Looking forward to the new Ableton Arrangement view tutorials.

-macaddict (Producer)

Thanks for creating this site and the GREAT tutorials…I’ve been to a bunch of sites looking for help and so far your tutorials are the easiest to understand.

-DJ Guero (Producer)

Your VST sidechaining techniques are right on the money, especially within ableton! thanks for sharing and i look forward to many more tutorials from you……cheers

-Chris (Producer – RealTimeHandMotion)

Thank you so much for that tutorial – i’ve been using propellerhead reason for 5 years now, and have just changed over to ableton for my music making.

Getting to grips with some of the things you want ableton to do, but just can’t figure out how gets really wearing! But, since i did a google search for ‘ableton side chain compression’ your site came up as the second result! brilliant brilliant tutorial!

-Peter, UK (Producer)

I came over here from the ableton forum following a link to your sidechaining compression tutorial, and I must say i’m hugely impressed. The internet is a wonderful source of information, but finding such well written, well presented and straight forward useful tutorials is sometimes depressingly hard.

So thanks for teaching me something very useful and new :)

-ByTheRiver (Producer)

This really is a great site. I have yet to find another site close to the content this site provides.


First off, thanks for the incredible site. I’ve been checking it frequently for the past few months and have learned a lot of really good tips and tricks that I was clueless to after messing around with digital audio for years. Thanks man!

-Tim (Producer)

By far and beyond the best site that I have seen on tutorials to date, perfectly clear – extremely helpful.



To Mr. Matt Sonic,

I just ran into your site today and its great. I’ve been trying to get into producing my own music for the last year and I’ve been running into sites that really don’t explain how to get started. Your site nailed it. This was exactly what I’m looking for. I wanted to get into creating house, progressive, techno type of music. I love house music and I really feel that I have a great ear for the sound.

Technically I think I can pull it off. I’m an electrical engineer for the past 10 yrs and I want to get into something different. I’m not looking to do it for the money, just would love ti hear some of my tracks played by some of my dj friends.

Anyhow, just wanted to introduce myself to you!

Best regards,
Amir ibrahim

To whom it may concern,

A friend recommended that I have a look at your site, and I was expecting the same old forum rubbish. But, I just can’t believe how well put together and informative SonicTransfer is. I can’t wait to join the premium service!

I thought it was important to write and say thank you, because in this age of an internet full of rubbish and porn its great to see someone doing it right!

Thanks again!

-Gareth (Producer)

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